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Did Lolo Jones KO Coach's Step-Daughter?! U.S. Bobsled Officials To Investigate

Uh-oh Lolo in trouble?!  Who knew she was a brawler?!  Lolo Jones allegedly got into a bar fight last Friday night in Lake Placid, N.Y.  She reportedly punched bobsled hopeful Aja Evans.  U.S. Bobsled Officials will be looking into the incident.

Via FoxSports:

Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones' goal of making the US bobsled team for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi may have hit a snag if reports that she was involved in a confrontation with the stepdaughter of a US bobsled official are true.

On Monday night's edition of FOX Sports Tonight, Amy Van Dyken reported (just after the 34-minute mark of the audio) that Jones had "knocked out" the stepdaughter of Tony Carlino at a bar in Lake Placid, N.Y., last Friday.

Carlino was the former head of Team USA, and he currently runs the Olympic training track in Lake Placid. And according to Van Dyken, members of the team, who were also in town to train, were instructed not to discuss the incident.

"Apparently they got together right after — because everybody goes back to the training center — they got together and said 'No one whisper a word of this; no one say anything,'" Van Dyken said. "So that's why you haven't heard about it up until now." 

(Video) NFL: DeSean Jackson Releases Music Video Featuring Snoop Dogg

DeSean Jackson is continuing to work on his side  He has just released a video for his single, "Diamonds On My Neck," featuring Snoop Dogg.  There's lots of women, jewelry and "smoking" involved.
Check it out & let me know what you think... 

Jadeveon Clowney Calls Out 'Scared' SEC QBs By Name!

Can you feel it?!  Football season is around the corner!!! The trash talking has begun! Yesterday was the first day of SEC Media Days and thanks to South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney we have something to talk about it!
He called out SEC name!  Check out what he had to say...
(Oh and just for fun, go ahead and check out that monster hit Clowney had on Michigan running back Vincent Smith from last season (see below!!))


Jadeveon Clowneysaid he's getting more and more comfortable speaking with the media, and it showed on Tuesday when he said Clemson's Tajh Boyd and three SEC quarterbacks were "scared" to face him and the Gamecocks defensive line.

"I can tell Tajh Boyd is scared back there," Clowney said. "He ain't no sitting duck, but you can see in his eyes that he's scared of our D-linemen."

Clowney recorded a career-high 4.5 sacks in the regular-season finale against rival Clemson last season as the Gamecocks beat the Tigers 27-17 in Death Valley. Boyd threw two interceptions and was sacked six times in the game.

"We know that coming into the game that we have him shook already," Clowney explained. "We get a couple hits on him and it changes the whole game. He's scared every time we play them. I know he's probably listening to this right now, but I'm just telling the truth, man."

Clowney, who is a member of both the Lombardi and Bronko Nagurski watch lists this season, said he doesn't taunt other players on the field other than to say, "Block me." But the 6-foot-6, 247-pound athlete knows fear when he sees it in an opponent's eyes. He said he saw it in Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray, former Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson and a third SEC quarterback he didn't name.

"You can look at a guy and tell that he's scared," Clowney said. "If he's staring at me before the ball is snapped and he's staring at me every play before the ball is snapped, oh we got him. I tell the players that he's shook."